We unfortunately live in a time where hard work is not considered “cool” and handouts are the norm. That’s why it was a refreshing surprise when country music star Luke Bryan recently attributed his success to hard work, saying he “earned it the old fashioned way.”

‘I earned it the old fashioned way’

“For most of my career I went up there, I had to prove myself,” the 47-year-old Brian explained. people magazine, “So it’s really liberating and gratifying to just let go, I am who I am.”

He added, “I earned it the old fashioned way, hard work.” “So many people have supported and helped me along the way, and I hope they can enjoy the journey too.”

Although Brian eventually found major success in country music, it took a little longer than he initially expected.

“I look back and I’m proud of the whole climb to get here,” he said. “I had planned to move to Nashville when I was 20 and my brother passed away and I think at 20, I would have processed it very differently, with a lot less maturity. And so I think when I moved to Nashville at age 25, I could read people better, I could navigate suspicious crowds.

He added, “I’m able to take with me memories from college to spring break to fraternity parties to football games that I’m able to put into my work.” He admitted that he had “a broad outlook on life.” From hard work to tremendous loss.

Brian laughed and said, “I don’t think you’re ever going to break into the music business without making some unripe mistakes… especially when you drink too much beer.”

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Brian still loves to perform

In the same interview, Brian said that he still loves performing today.

“It’s not an act,” Brian explained. “I’m not there like, ‘Oh, I have to get it ready for these guys or turn it on.’ It’s just – I’m in the moment, I’m enjoying and I’m feeding off their energy and the more they give to me, the more I try to give back to them. The main thing with me is When I had 100 people in the room, I really enjoyed it, I loved it. I was trying to win over 100 people, and tonight will be the same,” he added, regardless of the size of the audience. Shared the point of loving the work.

He added, “The day you stop loving it, and it becomes something you dread, then it’s time to move on.” “Thankfully I never had such feelings. Getting old in front of 20,000 people is tough.”

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Brian’s recipe for success

Brian concluded by revealing to the world his recipe for success.

Brian said, “I think the most important thing as an artist is to connect with your fans.” Be happy. Smile with your fans. And be yourself. And on your good days, your fans will support you and when you have days when you are a bit down, you may not have done your best, they will be there for you even on those bad days.

He concluded, “Do your best to tell your story in the most authentic and believable way possible – in the most relatable way.”

Brian is currently a judge on “American Idol” where he helps the next generation of singers find success. Based on his observations on the road to victory in life, we can’t help but think that he is the perfect person for the job!

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