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this meme is now literally true As mandated by a court of law:

Surrender Donald in The Wizard of Oz font and style

And his little corrupt flying monkeys too.

What a world What a world

cheer and cheer for Thursday, 17 August 2023

Comment: If you don’t eat your pasta, you won’t get big and strong. Memorization: Five servings a day give you energy for work and play!

– C&J Office of Nutritional Excellence


By the numbers:

7 Days!!!

Days leading up to Chocolate Pecan Pie Day: 3

for days Corn Palace Festival In Michelle, South Dakota, 7

Growth in retail sales over the previous year: 3.2%

Copies of the new Tucker Carlson biography sold so far around the world: 3,000

Percentage probability that traditional TV (broadcast and pay-TV) usage fell below 50% for the first time in July: 100%

Share of the viewing market made up of streaming services: 39%

Estimated year when humans started practicing dentistry: 7000 BC


Your Thursday Molly Ivins moment:

Recent Ku Klux Klan rally Austin presented a remarkable counter-performance.

Molly Ivins

when fifty Klansmen appeared (they were bused in from Waco) In front of the state capitol, he was greeted by five thousand local people who had turned out for a “Moon the Klan” rally.

Citizens made trouble alone and in groups, sometimes creating a spectacular ripple effect.

It was a wonderful job.

—June, 1993


Puppy picture of the day: Up in Thomaston, Maine—found!!!


to encourage For the main comforter. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The media and the MAGA cult are piling on President Biden this week he hasn’t gone Maui Still, why does he hate? America, however if he Was so far gone they’ll all be the same He’s causing a huge distraction in Maui and getting in the way, why does he hate America?!! Officials say first wave of rescue and recovery is coming to an end it’s okay for him to come in and offer words of consolation and a pledge of aid (which, unlike his predecessor, he will keep):

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will visit Airport The White House announced Monday as search, rescue and recovery efforts continue in the aftermath of devastating wildfires there.

Jetpack One.

“The President and the First Lady will travel to Maui on Monday, August 21, to meet with first responders, survivors, as well as federal, state and local officials in the wake of the deadly wildfires on the island,” said White House Press Secretary Caryn ” Jean-Pierre said in a statement. […]

Biden has been in close contact with top officials, including Greene. AirportCongressional delegation and leadership of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Now that that’s settled, my question is, Why wasn’t Trump brought down? Maui Still, why does he hate? America, I’m an idiot – the answer is definitely yes, as prosecutors in four states are still reading out a list of charges against him for the many criminal ways America hates. my bad

jeers Dumb and Dumber to School. Let’s check in and see how Governor Ron DeSantis’ efforts to improve education in the vast Python State are faring. When last we heard, he was replacing qualified teachers and administrators with a staffing he claims was done during late-night strategy sessions at a Tallahassee all-you-can-finger pudding buffet. himself and was chosen by God. and today…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has converted the New College of Florida into a public liberal arts college. sarasota, in a social experiment appointing hard-right allies to the board of trustees with the goal of eradicating what he called “awake” ideology. Result, According Website Inside Higher Ed has complete “chaos” and a campus that can barely function.

dunce cap
New Florida state logo.

New college’s problems due to pro-DeSantis trustees have been unfolding for months interfering with Merit-based tenure system, and huge loss of staff. been to school Left without a professor of American history after calling out a DeSantis critic and More than a third of the faculty have either been fired or left.

Good thing we hear enrollment in “Barely Functional Uter Chaos 101” classes is standing room only.

jeers Activist for judges. 330 years ago this week, in 1692, four innocent men and one innocent woman was hanged on Gallows Hill for “practicing witchcraft” in salem, Massachusetts, Justice Alito is still angry about what happened then. They don’t think they were oppressed enough.


brief discretionary pause



end brief discretionary breaks


to encourage Grrrl for power. 103 years ago this week192019th amendment to the constitution – gives women the right to vote –ratified, That’s right – you guys ratified the Constitution in 1788 and it only took you 132 years to get your ass off the couch and make this act of equality a reality. Now if you’ll just take out the trash and fix the kitchen sink, you might get something new.

jeers for today’s edition of Nonsense We know it’s been going on for decades, Courtesy NBC News..,

The situation in Maui illustrated how the various risks exacerbated by climate change can translate into catastrophic consequences. In many ways, that confluence of extremes was underutilized until now, said Laura Brownington, a research professor at Arizona State University’s Global Institute for Sustainability and Innovation and co-director of Pacific Research on the Island Solutions for Adaptation program. , even by climate scientists. ,


In a reality where climate change is intensifying wildfires, intensifying storms and fueling droughts, heat waves and floods, the idea of ​​how to be safe from such extreme events is counterproductive. Used to be.

“What we’re seeing is something that could not have been predicted 10 years ago even with the best science we have,” Brunington said.

this has been today’s edition Nonsense We know it’s been going on for decades,


Ten years ago at C&J: 17 August 2013

dab dab rub For Strange Invaders. Imagine waking up to find that a stranger has broken into your home, thrown your spice jar out the window, dumped a jar of pickles on the floor and then – this is the best part – your Took off his shirt and washed himself with soap before walking. in your bedroom. something similar happened to a poor woman in Waterville, Maine in the weekends. Police say the intruder was “mumbling gibberish” throughout the incident. Governor Paul LePage would serve as the person’s official translator during the arraignment.


And just one more…

to encourage To roam around a bit. Gather the kids around the Intertube screen, it’s time for a little home-school lesson from Professor Billeh. 41 years ago todayIn 1982, The first commercially produced compact disc was cranked out in a plant Hannover, Germany, which ultimately led to declining sales of vinyl records. (Bragging rights go to ABBA, whose “The Visitor” was lucky enough to hit #1.)

The first CD ever printed---ABBA's
CD #1

Today CD sales have declined as digital music dominates. But sales of vinyl records have continued to make a resurgence through the years. Because of their rich sound and retro snaps, crackles and pops. I still remember my first LP at the age of six – a record of classic symphonic works for children sealed with a long red wooden “batten”. I spent many hours stabbing wildly in the air while leading my invisible orchestra in the living room – and nearly gouged out my family’s eyes. Needless to say, my career as a guest conductor has been one of the best.

But if you’re in the area, I’m leading the Squirrel Philharmonic in Overture of 1812 on the Veranda Terrace tonight. Each ticket is of 10 almonds only. For an extra five, we’ll let you take shelter in our basement when the cannons start going off. (Those tree mice really love their ammo.)

Have a nice Thursday. The floor is open… What are you cheering for today?


Today’s Shameless C&J Testimonial

“It’s pathetic, really pathetic. bill in portland I It’s gotten too big for her britches, in fact.”

,Geraldo Rivera


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