Whereas artificial intelligence (AI) Having been a part of marketing techniques for quite some time now, the launch of ChatGPT has brought the topic into the limelight. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day.

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Here’s a summary of the AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week.

  • PersadoEssential Motivation is a GenAI language hub for marketers to create compelling messages. It offers real-time content creation, content insights to refine your brand voice, and the ability to push content across marketing platforms.
  • app science There is a new AI feature in its Insights analytics dashboard. It provides automated analysis of metrics within a dashboard, making it easy for media agencies and brands to connect the dots within their data sets. Users can measure campaign reach, gain rich audience insights, view campaign frequency, and analyze overall campaign impact.
  • qualtrix’ Qualtrix Automated Summarization for Video Feedback Analyzes hours of video submissions and generates key themes, top quotes and insights, reducing the time spent manually summarizing related video responses while generating instant summaries. These include verbatim quotes related to each topic, allowing researchers to ensure that each summary is accurate and relevant.
  • Crossing Minds’ E-commerce data enrichment makes products more easily discoverable for customers. It cleans existing product data and adds new, intuitive data labels based on product image and text data. It provides automatic tagging of the most relevant, common search queries; corrects formatting, removes duplicates, and reclassifies data so that all product data conforms to the same standard; and receives data quality scores and proactive alerts when product data is missing, incorrect or inconsistent.
  • daily clicks The AI-powered platform delivers targeted messages directly to all connected smart devices in the home, including televisions. The platform allows brands to seamlessly communicate with target demographics using a vast array of in-home smart devices, including smart TVs, voice assistants and connected devices.
  • longshot ai The new end-to-end system is designed to fact-check and generate hallucination-free text. Its built-in fact checker ensures that the content generated is not only engaging but also accurate and relevant to the target audience. It specializes in creating authentic, verifiable and SEO-friendly long-form content.

Weird AI Stat of the Week: Nearly half (44%) of marketers experience fear as a result of AI at least once a month A new study from the Marketing AI Institute,

Furthermore, only 15% say their organization offers any formal AI training or development initiatives. It states that only 6% report feeling completely confident in their organization’s ability to effectively use AI in the next year. Despite this, 87% are excited about AI when they see it as beneficial to their marketing goals, and 91% say they trust their organization’s ability to harness AI’s capabilities.

go figure.

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