Conservatives on social media were surprised to find themselves agreeing with Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after she coached GOP legislator Max Miller (R-OH) on religious freedom.

Miller, a former campaign and White House aide to Donald Trump, temporarily lost his mind after telling a political activist that his message about Jesus was “radical.”

what was the message?

“There is no hope for any of us except by faith in Jesus Christ alone,” wrote lizzie marbachWho herself is a former associate of the Trump campaign.

Marbach is apparently a very religious person whose Twitter/X bio describes him as “saved by grace through faith in Jesus”. Miller’s temper flared up with the tweet, and he responded in a somewhat shocking way.

He responded by saying, “This is one of the most bigoted tweets I’ve ever seen.” “Take it off, Lizzie. Religious freedom in the United States applies to every religion. You have gone too far.”

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Miller angered by ‘Jesus’ tweet

Good God. (Am I still allowed to say that, Max?)

As with everything else that has appeared on Twitter/X over the years, this is “one of the most fanatical tweets” this person has ever seen. In fact?

It is difficult to describe how badly Miller fails to conceptualize religious liberty in his answer. Telling someone who claims to have a personal faith that they are a bigot for doing so is something you would expect from the Left.

Not to mention demanding Marback to remove his tweet because he was personally hurt.

Miller’s approach was so far-fetched that Omar, the representative of all the people, had to point out how ignorant it was.

“No! Stating the core beliefs or tenets of your faith is not bigotry like Lizzie, it is religious freedom and no one should be reprimanded for it,” she retorted. It is also wrong to harass people who freely express their faith.”

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Conservatives side with Omar

Miller’s outrage-filled tweet and Omar’s response to X have conservative pundits wondering if he has been transported to another dimension.

Commenter Tabitha Bliss wrote, “Can’t believe I agree with Ihan on anything,” before adding a “thumbs up” emoji and “thank you.”

“Nonsense. I agree with Ilhan Omar,” wrote conservative commentator Evan Kilgore.

Political strategist Joy Magniott chimed in, “Congresswoman, I agree with almost everything you say or do.” However, it’s good to agree and support you on this. You’re absolutely right, something I never thought I’d say.”

“I can’t believe I agree with you,” added a man with the handle “Mr.” X. Republican.” “But it was fully explained.”

To his credit, Miller took the “L” and apologized sincerely to Marbach.

“I posted something earlier that sent a message that was not my intention,” he tweeted, β€œI will not try to hide or run away from my mistake. I sincerely apologize to Lizzie and everyone who reads my posts.

apology accepted.

Although, we’d certainly love to know what he wanted to say.

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