if you took the time to read New Fulton County indictment on Donald Trump He has been indicted for his efforts to fraudulently change the results of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election either in his favor or during the January 6th coup attempt, you can read the grand jury responsible for the indictment on page nine Got worried seeing the names of the members. of publicly released documents. It is a feature of Georgia state law intended to promote transparency.

But it also means that Trump’s base of violence-minded insurgents immediately knows the identities of all the private citizens of Georgia who were summoned for grand jury duty and the hearings of the case and the testimony of witnesses presented by the district attorney. After, it was agreed that Donald had the evidence. And friends committed a lot of crimes.

The Washington Post reports that Trump’s base is already considering revenge Against grand jurors. On Tuesday, photos of “at least two” jurors were posted online and members of “pro-Trump extremist forums” (I suspect we all know which ones) were arguing with each other over whether “People need to stay out of these people’s homes” or will it be a deep state and media trap to fall into.

In practice, the arguments are irrelevant. As we recently saw in the case of the Provo, Utah, Trump supporter was shot and killed in an FBI raid on his home Inspired by that man’s threats against President Joe Biden, and then by the countless cases of actual and attempted domestic terrorism aimed at a political or perceived social enemy of conservatism, such violence is perpetrated alone by extremists who don’t particularly care. Do not do what the rest of their movement argues about its violence in random online forums.

This may simply be due to the speed with which the Post story was written, but there is no indication anywhere in the story that Georgia officials are taking any special steps to ensure the safety of the now known grand jurors. Are. The post features an extremely odd quote from Pete Skandalakis, executive director of the Prosecuting Lawyers Council of Georgia, that comes pretty close to identifying the problem without actually doing so:

,[Grand jurors] usually issue indictments and go about their business,” Skandalakis said. “I’ve seen convicted gang cases where people are concerned for their safety, and I think that’s probably what happened here.”

Get over there, game: what you have here is a gang affair. There is a self-organized semi-militia that wears red berets and declares itself to be the real enforcer of justice in their neighborhood, they pride themselves that they have lots of guns and they are not much interested that law enforcement What does that say to them, and any government or media investigation of criminal acts by the group is now met with intimidating behavior and outright death threats, if not worse, this almost formal campaign of intimidation? has been made.

You have MS-13 here in red caps. Every US prosecutor, do your job.

The Post’s story said that the jurors he tried to contact were all making themselves scarce and denying attempts to contact him. It also notes the most recent instance of random Georgian citizens being targeted by Trump’s violence-minded mob after Trump and his team launched the hoax. Meaning Tearing them apart for retribution: Shay Moss and Ruby Freeman have been subjected to Years of racist and violent threats Completely because Trump and his rookie traitor fixer Rudy Giuliani spread bizarre rumors and claimed that Moss, as an election worker, somehow rigged the Georgia state elections, was a mere sham.

Both of them had to go into hiding to avoid the mob believing Trump’s rumours. There is no likelihood that Trump will not exonerate the grand jury members who denounced him as a “deep state” plant, or a “crisis actor” or whatever his anthrax pot pie-textured brainchild, in a new had voted to charge him with fraud. Together

Instead of waiting for it to happen inevitably, one hopes The FBI or other federal agencies are already taking responsibility for prompt and public arrests of criminals in order to provide security and address any threats jurors may face. Every law enforcement agency in America now knows how Trump and his allies target those who participate in investigations of their crimes. When it happens this time, make sure it gets added to the pile of charges.

We’re dealing with an organized crime syndicate using their televisions to send orders to an apparently disorganized gang of foam supporters. Threats against witnesses, government figures and even lone jurors have been a part of this criminal conspiracy from the beginning.

What happened while we were all on vacation? Something about Donald Trump being impeached not once, but twice! Also in the news: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign fails. There is so much happening!

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