Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku recently published his latest book, “Quantum Supremacy: How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything”.

Kaku is promoting his new book, and he was recently interviewed on cnnExplaining how a quantum computer operates and the speed with which it powers it could solve many problems that will change the future of humanity.

Quantum computers based on quantum physics are expected to perform some calculations millions of times faster.

Quantum computers use different states of particles, such as electrons, to increase the processing power of computers. Kaku told CNN, Quantum computing uses subatomic particles, such as electrons or photons, that are similar to the building blocks of Mother Nature.

A quantum computer looks like a chandelier and is actually a cooling pipe. It should be kept at near-zero-degree temperature so that there is no vibration. Example Kaku told CNN It was that if someone sneezed a mile away, it could mess up computer calculations because it used particles and wavelengths, which enabled computers to analyze and solve problems much faster than normal standards. makes.

“There is not a single problem facing humanity that cannot be addressed by quantum computing,” Kaku explains on his website, “Quantum computers have the power and complexity of the atomic field and promise to be as revolutionary as the transistor and the microchip.”

It is speculated that this technology will help with climate change and create nuclear fusion reactors that produce clean, renewable energy without the dangers of radioactive waste or meltdowns. Furthermore, apart from business analysis and many problems facing humanity, the computer will also analyze biological processes and solve incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

“This unprecedented gain in computing power heralds progress that could transform every aspect of our daily lives,” an excerpt from Kaku’s website Said and he compares the technology of quantum computer with Mother Nature as she also works with quantum physics.

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