roberts beautyThe industry leader known for its cutting-edge approach to packaging design, formula development and turnkey product solutions unveiled its latest venture: Roberts Beauty Studio Lab.

This boutique innovation lab emphasizes the brand’s commitment to clean ingredient technology and broadens its range of comprehensive beauty industry services. Led by experts who have spent over a decade working for the industry’s exceptional brands, Roberts Beauty has consistently been at the forefront of innovative beauty breakthroughs. Its product development strategies have long been supported by state-of-the-art laboratories and collaborations with the industry’s most exclusive manufacturers.

The launch of Studio Lab represents its latest advancement, designed to rapidly harness emerging technologies, accelerate time-to-market and streamline the development of clean beauty products while integrating customers directly into the lab experience Is.

Global Innovation Sourcing Strategy

Collaborating with international experts, the laboratory takes a holistic approach to material sourcing, monitoring and forecasting raw material trends. It also considers country of origin, target cost and order quantity throughout development, ensuring a seamless process from idea to execution.

product development solutions

Brands can collaborate directly with our expert chemists to refine and engineer custom formulas tailored to their specific needs. The Studio Lab also provides personalized formulation and consultation services; a broad portfolio of diverse formulation innovations that provide brands with inspiration and a faster route to market; and detailed retail landscape analysis to identify product and technology gaps and innovate, ensuring our partners are always ahead.

Comprehensive Process and Support Framework

The lab provides a systematic and supportive framework, providing full-spectrum technical support to brands from early stages of product development to manufacturing scale-up; assist in product and clinical testing when required; and the strategic selection of manufacturing facilities to reflect the brand’s needs and priorities, while accommodating geographic requirements.

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