It was the most honest and thoughtful analysis of the current political climate in America today.

Mike Cernovich went on The War Room to discuss why he believes 2017 was the most important year in American history. It started with Donald Trump pardoning serial offender Hillary Clinton shortly after the election. President Trump was soon surrounded by snobs who did not support him, his values, or his policies. And Trump refuses to purge the deep state.

It was a recipe for ruin. You can’t play patty-cake with power hungry Marxists.

Mike Cernovich: I think 2017 is going to be the most important, critical year in modern American history. Because 2017 was the year everything changed and all the cards were shown, and those loyal to Trump were systematically fired from the administration.

So let’s take a quick step back, which is probably why Steve sent you that. Unlike me, he has no complaints. I’m petty, I’m bitter. I quote, without the quotes, attacked Trump from 2017 to 2018 because I thought, Whoa, we won, and we’re rolling when we control everything. What is happening? There was a website called where Trump loyalists could apply for jobs. No one was hired from that website. Mike Pence vented anger about General Flynn based on a phone call we now know was a lie. General Mike Flynn from the Trump administration is gone. The National Security Council was completely taken over by the deep state. Trump supporters marched one after the other. They’ll get a bad article, and you’ll get a bad article on them at CNN, including the previous guest walked out. Johnny DeStafano hired people who didn’t like Trump. Johnny McCabe walks out. Why? Nobody knows.

So one by one they went out. And two weeks after Trump won the election, 2016, of course, they said, oh no, we’re not interested in impeaching Hillary Clinton. Let’s let the past be past. So if you were to make a case for Trump based on the lies told by the regime, you would say that Trump was the most respected president in American history. Tweet him. Trump was the most idealistic president in American history. He didn’t waive executive privilege over a bunch of Obama-era memos. He respected that process. Andrew Kloster and others have talked about it, and what a huge mistake that was. Under logic, according to GOP negotiators, who, by the way, didn’t win in 2016, but they came out after we won, right? A good quote. “The strong do what they want. The weak have to suffer what they have to suffer.” This is the reason why Trump is having trouble. He didn’t show that he was strong. He was showing that he is weak. Another quote is, “Those who lead revolutions rarely end them.” So the people who got Trump inducted, the people who got on that plane in 2016, the people who got Trump elected, were sidelined for the GOP establishment in 2017.

All these GOP secret servants came in and said, “Oh, no, we can’t go after Clinton. Oh, no, we can’t waive Obama-era executive privileges. Oh, no, we can’t make this information public.” Because when you’re out of office, President Trump, they’re going to do this to you. That’s what they were told. Bannon can confirm this the next time he comes over. He can watch this clip. Because I know Whenever I come to war room people complain. I read telegram messages and I love it. I take it for granted. Whenever I go to telegram war room channel the hate I get Like, they get very angry. And I go, okay, show the lie. Next time Bannon comes on, show the lie. What did I lie about? What did I do wrong? What was factually wrong? All Some are factually correct.

So we won. And then they say, “Okay, thanks for the help. We’re going to keep the reins here. We’re going to run this like a moron administration. We’re not going to hand over the Obama-era memo because we’re not going to waive executive privilege. But then, of course, in all of these court cases, Biden has waived executive privilege.

As far as Trump is concerned, whatever is happening today started in 2017.

This is good advice.
Trump should have had more visits to the White House from Cernovich and fewer visits to Lindsey Graham and other snakes.

Maybe next time he’ll surround himself with strict realists and loyalists.

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