15 August 2023 | From city ​​of new orleans

City of New Orleans selects national firm to improve criminal justice technology systems

NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans today announced its partnership with Mission Critical Partners (MCP) to repair New Orleans’ antiquated justice technology systems.

Starting today, the firm’s industry experts will work with city project managers to replace decades-old computer systems with advanced, cloud-based technologies. Both the MCP work and the acquisition of replacement systems will be funded under the $30 million American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Justice Tech Modernization program authorized by Mayor LaToya Cantrell and the New Orleans City Council in December 2022.

“After fighting tirelessly for the direct allocation of ARPA dollars, we heard directly from residents that they want a portion of this funding to be used to support and improve public safety, and this partnership with MCP is a perfect example, ” he said. Mayor Latoya Cantrell, “The ability to quickly receive and transmit information is an important tool in fighting crime, and recent advances in technology have enabled many law enforcement agencies to accomplish this effectively. As a world-class police department, it is critical that we equip the NOPD with every tool in the toolbox to not only keep our people safe and secure, but also to ensure that we are our 21st century police force. Maintain

Planned justice technology upgrades will reduce cumbersome, repetitive data entry and paperwork, freeing up professionals to pursue their true mission: public safety and public justice. Practical benefits will include:

  • Officers will spend less time waiting to file prison paperwork, search records, and testify in court
  • Sheriff’s deputies will have the most up-to-date information on the status of charges and required court appearances for individuals in their custody.
  • Legal cases will move faster with fewer mistakes
  • Fewer court hearings will be rescheduled, thereby relieving victims and witnesses of repeated visits to the court in search of justice.
  • Transparency and accountability will be ensured in every technical process

“New Orleans cannot afford the human and financial losses caused by outdated technology in our justice system,” he said. Gilbert Montano, Chief Administrative Officer. “Given the arduous task of this project, it was important that we identify a partner with a proven track record. We could not have asked for a better partner than Mission Critical Partners, who have delivered over 3,000 solutions for over 1,300 customers since 2009. More projects completed.

“This investment in our criminal justice system reflects our commitment to public safety and our respect for the men and women who do this work every day,” he said. criminal justice coordination office Commissioner Tenisha Stevens, “From our officers behind the badges to the men and women in the courthouse, this initiative will significantly improve the working lives of our most important asset – our people. I am very pleased to have selected mission critical partners who have a proven track record of similar Record of completing complex high-risk projects of this size and scope. Each agency’s commitment to starting this project and working together to make it as effective as possible is a huge win for the City of New Orleans.

“A modern, connected information system is fundamental to building an effective and efficient justice system for New Orleans,” said Chief Information Officer Kim LaGrew, “Mission Critical Partners provides experience building data systems across a broad spectrum of justice agencies both large and small. We look forward to working closely with our criminal justice agencies, to deliver the city’s unprecedented commitment to this transformation Looking forward.”

MCP is a leading provider of data integration and security services with extensive experience consulting as an independent agent for local, state and federal government entities. MCP specializes in transforming data and communications networks into integrated ecosystems that improve outcomes in the public safety, justice and health care markets. MCP’s previous experience includes:

  • Planning and acquisition services to replace statewide criminal history and biometrics system for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections
  • Uniform Data Standards Development and Implementation for the Los Angeles County Superior Court
  • Data integration planning and implementation for the Administrative Office of the Courts of the State of California

Additional information about MCP is available here www.MissionCriticalPartners.com,

“Mission Critical Partners (MCP) have helped communities large and small across the country optimize their data to improve public safety and justice outcomes,” said. President of Consulting Services at MCP John Chiaramonte, “We commend the stakeholders in New Orleans for their collaborative, shared vision of a modern justice system and their significant commitment to funding that vision.”


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