Wildfires Blaze in Hawaii’s Historic Lahaina

the death toll From Maui Forest fire As of Monday evening, the number has risen to more than 100 and officials have announced that the remains of 106 people have been found.

This grim figure makes the tragedy deadliest Forest fire In We Since 1918 – The death toll is expected to rise as more than 1,000 people are missing and only 32 percent of Lahaina’s burned area has been discovered.

Residents of badly affected Lahaina have returned home to survey the devastation.

But recovery and relief efforts continue in Maui, Pres. Joe Biden He has been criticized for his lack of public response to wildfires.

Mr Biden, who declared the crisis a major disaster soon after the wildfires broke out, has sent the military and federal aid to the islands. Despite this, some criticized the president for not being able to schedule the trip. Airport and holidaying on the weekend.

On Wednesday, the White House confirmed that Mr. Biden and the First Lady Jill Biden Will travel to Maui on Monday, August 21 to meet with first responders, survivors and officials.


WATCH: Fallen tree hits power line before Maui wildfires

Video shows falling tree hitting power line before Maui wildfire

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Karin Jean-Pierre defends Joe Biden’s efforts in Hawaii on CNN

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New video reveals possible cause of Maui wildfires

The devastating wildfire, which has killed more than a hundred people and destroyed many parts of the Hawaiian island of Maui, was likely caused by a tree falling on power lines.

Security video shared by a bird sanctuary in Maui showed a flash of light around 11 p.m. local time on August 7, followed by a bright flame.

According to the Associated Press, new footage has emerged as key evidence pointing to fallen utility lines as a possible cause of the wildfires. informed of,

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1,000 people still missing in Maui, survivors reveal horrifying details of babies dead at sea

Local resident Mike Cicchino, who lived with his wife in one of Lahaina’s inland neighborhoods, told of escaping the deadly fire last week.

Mr. Cicchino was on his way to the hardware store for a generator last Tuesday, when he was suddenly caught in a desperate struggle for his life.

andrea cavalier Report:

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Lahaina Bypass Road opens today

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Spam sends food to Maui: ‘We see you and love you’

Hawaii’s beloved canned meat brand Spam has announced its intention to help bring food to the island amid devastating wildfires.

one in statement Shared on Facebook on August 10, Spam, which is owned by Hormel Foods, announced it is partnering with humanitarian organization Convoy of Hope to send more products to residents affected by wildfires across the state .

We are at a loss for words at the devastation that is happening on Maui,” began the canned meat’s statement on Facebook. “At our Ohana on Maui, we see you and love you. We are working with our trusted partners on how we can help.

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fire control update

Maui County posted on Facebook updating the public about their efforts to contain the fires in Maui.

The Upcounty/Kula fire, which was initially reported on August 8, is 75 percent contained as of Tuesday.

“Hot spots in ravines, forests and other inaccessible locations, along with land divisions and fences, make the establishment of complete control lines difficult,” the county wrote.

The Lahaina fire is 85 percent contained. Fire crews are working to tackle the blaze.

The Pulehu/Kihei fire is 100 percent contained. Maui County said that although the fire is under control, it is not extinguished.

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Dramatic video shows family narrowly escaping Maui wildfires by fleeing out to sea

A Maui family shares their wildfire escape in which at least 99 people died Jumping into the waters of Lahaina last week.

Noah Tomkinson, 19, and his family were fleeing a fire in their car on Tuesday when they got stuck in a traffic jam as several residents tried to escape the fast-moving blaze.

“Embers started falling on the grass and a lot of dry grass caught fire,” he told CNN on Monday.

“Our car was on fire on both sides.”

That’s when Noah, his 13-year-old brother Milo and their mother jumped into the sea.

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Conspiracy theorists are claiming the Hawaii wildfires were started by a ‘space laser beam’

Conspiracy theorists have managed to go viral after spreading the false claim that the devastating wildfires that hit the island of Maui in Hawaii were started by ‘space lasers’.

More than 100 people have died as a result of the fire, making it the deadliest fire in modern US history and destroying much of the natural habitat of this beautiful island.

Yet, whenever climate is related to a sad story, it doesn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to spin the narrative and make others think that what they’re seeing isn’t really about the state of the planet.

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Only five of the 106 victims have been identified

Hawaii Governor Josh Green is asking family members of the missing in Maui, Hawaii, to submit DNA tests to help identify the victims.

Of the 106 victims found so far, only five have been identified. Due to many people suffering severe burns during the deadly wildfire, many remains are going unrecognized.

Mr Green said, “We are asking all our dear friends and family in the area who have any concerns to go to the Family Support Center and get tested so we can match people genetically.” The Source with Caitlin Collins,

Ariana Bio16 August 2023 15:20

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