Former NFL star Michael Oher claims he was defrauded by a Tennessee family in order to profit heavily from his life story, but an attorney for Shawn and Leigh Anne Tuohy has dismissed it.

Ohr’s story of growing up on the fringes and finding success as an All-American offensive lineman in college and as a member of the 2013 Super Bowl-winning Baltimore Ravens was made into a movie called “The Blind Side”. on a book of the same name.

Most recently, Ohr and Tuhiz have been involved in a fight over what Ohr claims was a questionable deal from the family that took him in. The former NFL player’s allegations have been denied by the family. He claims that he was told he was adopted, when in fact he entered into a guardianship, so that the benefits he should have received went into the hands of the Tuohys.

The petition to terminate the conservatorship in Shelby County Court in Tennessee states, “The lie of Michael’s adoption is the lie upon which co-conservators Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy have based themselves at the expense of their ward, the undersigned Michael Oher.” enriched.” To NBC,

On Tuesday, attorney Martin Singer released a statement saying Ohr tried to harass the family ESPN,

Describing Ohr’s allegations as “outrageous,” the statement said that “the idea that the family ever tried to profit from Mr. Ohr is not only outrageous, it’s transparently ridiculous.”

“In fact, the Tuhys opened their home to Mr. Oher, offering him structure, support, and most of all, unconditional love,” the statement said.

“He has consistently treated him like a son and one of his three children. His response was to threaten her, including saying that he would write a negative story about her in the press if she did not pay him $15 million.

Ohr has claimed that he received none of the more than $300 million earned by the film, claiming that the Tuohies were each paid $225,000, plus 2.5% of the film’s “defined net income”. The percentage was also given.

Singer’s statement said that agents of Michael Lewis, who wrote the book that was the foundation of the film, presented a deal in which Tuohies received “a small advance from the production company and a small percentage of the net profit.”

“He insisted that whatever money was received be distributed equally. And he has fulfilled that pledge,” the statement said. “The evidence – documented in profit sharing investigations and studio accounting statements – is clear: Over the years, the Tuohies have given Mr. Oher an equal share of every penny they received from ‘The Blind Side.'”

“Even more recently, when Mr. Oher began threatening what he would do unless they paid him an eight-figure windfall benefit, and, as part of that shakedown effort , refused to cash the small benefit check from Tuohies, yet he deposited Mr. Ohr’s equal share in a trust account set up for his son, the statement said.

Oher has actually attempted to run this play several times before – but it seems that several other attorneys stopped representing him after seeing the evidence and learning the truth. Sadly, Mr. Oher finally found a willing supporter and filed this ridiculous case. trial Seemingly a cynical attempt to garner attention in the midst of his latest book tour, the statement continued.

Ohr wants the guardianship ended and what he calls a fair share of the profits. Singer said the family is not against ending the stereotype, but added, they “will not hesitate to defend their good name, stand up to this blow and defeat this aggressive lawsuit.”

Attorney Don Barrett was part of Ohr’s legal team. not impressed With the statement of the opposition.

“We hear cases in court based on facts. We have faith in our judicial system and our client, Michael Oher. We believe that justice will be served in the courtroom, and we hope to get there soon.

the singer said oher’s claim According to, it doesn’t make any sense tmz,

Singer said, “The notion that a couple worth millions of dollars would conspire to withhold a few thousand dollars in profit sharing payments from anyone—much less someone they loved as their son—defies belief.” Is.”

According to new york postThe Tuohies became wealthy from their over 100 food franchises which included Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants.

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