In an unusual way, former President Donald Trump stands to benefit from the latest act of anger inspired by the vendetta against his oppressors.

On Monday, a grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia indictment Trump and 18 others face charges related to the 2020 presidential election. The former president and his co-defendants have until 25 august To surrender.

Meanwhile, the first Republican presidential debate is scheduled for August 23. Fox News will broadcast the debate in Milwaukee.

It is unlikely that Trump will attend. they have said he will not sign the required pledge Whoever wins the GOP primary race to support him, and given his large lead in the polls, has little incentive to show it.

On Tuesday’s “CBS Mornings,” Ed O’Keefe, senior White House and political correspondent for CBS News, noted an opportunity for Trump. O’Keefe suggested that the former president could steal attention from his competitors by surrendering on August 23.

“Where would you rather be that day, in Milwaukee with everyone or in the Atlanta courtroom? He knows it’s completely taken away the oxygen of everyone else running,” O’Keefe said. CBS News,


“So now he can potentially use that to his advantage even more,” O’Keefe said.

The theory has merit, though not for its stated reason.

If Trump chooses to surrender himself in Georgia on debate day, he won’t do so to distract attention from other Republican presidential candidates. last, latest realclearpolitics An average of polls show the former president has a nearly 40-point lead over his nearest president. claimant,

Instead, Trump has a good reason, and an excellent reason, to surrender himself on August 23.

First, he has no reason to feel anything other than contempt for Fox News executives. If he can damage that moribund network by pulling viewers away from the Republican debate, he will do it.

Second – and far more important – he should be present in Georgia on August 23 for the sake of posterity.

Our descendants, untainted by the current passion, will be surprised at this comparison. An event, by its very name, exists to promote political debate. The other wants to silence him.

Posterity should know that a criminal cartel accused the former president of saying things with which the members of the cartel disagreed. Americans of the future probably won’t read the indictments – which of us can still prepare to read them laughable documents in their entirety? — but they should see the paradox on August 23.

Actually, we don’t think about history enough. Of course, this statement has a wider application, but I mean it specifically in relation to this case.

No matter which day Trump chooses to turn himself in, it will be his fourth indictment since March 30.

Certainly one cannot take any of this for granted.

But they do. The presidential debate will continue as scheduled. O’Keefe offers his analysis on the situation of a former president fourth charge Can affect primary. It sounds unreal.

However our descendants view these events, we can be sure that they will not view them through the prism of elections and political strategy.

Instead, they would see that something had gone terribly wrong in the world of their ancestors.

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