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A military surveillance officer working at a communications center represents Biden's sanctions on US involvement in China technology.
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Chinese technology overview:

  • Who: President Joe Biden has signed an executive order limiting some investments in Chinese technologyLaw360 reports.
  • Why: China’s technological advances may pose a national security risk to the United States.
  • Where: Biden’s executive order will apply across the US.

On August 9, President Joe Biden signed an executive order limiting certain investments in technologies that China is reportedly developing in an effort to modernize its military, according to Law 360.

The order reportedly would block US money from financing Chinese efforts to develop semiconductors, microelectronics, artificial intelligence and quantum computer technologies.

“Advances in sensitive technologies and products in these areas will accelerate the development of advanced computational capabilities that will enable new applications that pose significant national security risks, such as the development of more sophisticated weapons systems, breaking cryptographic codes, and other applications that provide military benefits to these countries,” Biden’s executive order said.

Under the executive order, the US Treasury Department says it will oversee a “narrowly tailored” national security program that will complement its existing export controls.

The Treasury Department will reportedly prohibit US citizens from “engaging in certain transactions” and require US citizens to notify the department of transactions that could be a threat to national security.

“The United States benefits from an open investment climate, and this new program will not change that,” the Treasury Department said. “It is targeted at investments in highly sensitive technologies and products for purposes of protecting US national security.”

Chinese Technology National Security Overview

The Treasury Department noted that it anticipates some exceptions, such as publicly traded instruments and intracompany transfers from United States parent companies to subsidiaries.

In March, a bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill to restrict the emergence of security threats that put information and communications at risk. technology Act, which calls upon the Secretary of Commerce to identify, prevent, restrict, or reduce transactions involving US persons and technology From countries that could pose a threat to national security, such as the following potential foreign enemies: China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration reportedly demanded Tiktok will be sold in the US or face a possible ban

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