Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame has found herself criticized on social media after writing a post about the Maui wildfires that has been deemed “privileged and self-centred”.

nix’s wildfire post

daily Mail It was reported that Nix, 75, took to social media on Sunday night after a devastating wildfire destroyed the centuries-old town of Lahaina. Nix has a home nearby, but the wildfire did not damage it.

“As I’m sure you’ve heard – the island, Maui, where I have my own home, where I’ve lived since the ’80s – and the little village, the town, the most magical place on earth, Lahaina, burned to ashes in the past It’s been a few days,” Nix wrote. “And to make matters worse my young niece, her husband and their little boy are in a psychiatric hospital for 10 days before starting their school year (on their way to becoming a psychologist). Came for a much needed vacation. They had fun for a day and a half and then a fire broke out.

“The power went off at 5.12 am on Tuesday, but they did not know the reason. There was a power failure even after noon, but it was found that the electricity of many houses had also failed. It was a secret,” he continued. “My house is 15-20 minutes from Lahaina, but still no one found out about the fire. We knew her here in Houston but there was no way to talk to Jessie (my niece) on the phone. The entire area of ​​Lahaina and everything around it was destroyed.”

“But here in Houston… we knew,” Nix said. “There was no way of knowing that this wonderful city that had lived for so long would burn and disappear into the history books, leaving behind so much suffering, destruction and death.”

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knicks brought fleetwood mac

That’s when Nix brought out his iconic band.

“This island, in many ways, defines Fleetwood Mac and me and our families,” she said. “My truth was that I wanted a home here so I could spend time roaming the streets in Lahaina; Visiting art galleries – Sitting on a rock wall – Most of the opals I wear on my fingers came from a store on Front Street. I hope that lovely lady who owned that store was able to grab all her opals and run away. I hope he gets it done.”

“Over the next two days, we managed to bring Jesse and his family back to us. They put their little boy (he’s six) in the back seat with an iPad so he can’t see the devastation on the drive from Lahaina to the airport,” Nix said. “But they saw it and Jessie and her husband Alec are devastated. Now they’re back in LA and completely freaked out seeing the news coverage.”

‘He survived the bullet. My house and the surrounding area were not burnt,” said the ‘Gypsy’ singer. “The wind took the fire in a different direction. It was all about the wind. Jesse said that there were three pigeons in the house the whole time. Pigeons never came there. The end result could have been very different.

Nicks concluded, “The Lahaina we knew ~ the Lahaina that in so many ways connected Fleetwood Mac and our music to the world is gone.” “But the memory of what happened to me there is as clear as a bell. I will still walk those streets ~ I will still watch the sunset from the many wonderful restaurants we used to visit every night ~ I will still see Mr. Fleetwood’s beautiful new restaurant rebuilt and gleaming in the middle of Front Street. Lahaina hasn’t gone ~ she’s just far away ~.

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backlash on nix

However, unfortunately for Nix, social media users immediately took issue with her post.

One user commented, “Oh Stevie, I love you but the native Hawaiians lost their homes for generations to come, your niece, the best thing is the holidays were ruined, that’s not what you should post.” Should have done it,” one user commented, while another said, “You a queen but it’s somewhat deaf, indigenous people lost their livelihood and your response is ‘I loved holidaying here, it made my niece Ruined the holidays.

“Girl… I love you, but those guys have to start over with something that took generations to make. They weren’t on vacation, and your house didn’t burn down. Besides…Opel?! A third person wrote. A fourth user said, “Are you going to give your home to Native Hawaiians? Because that’s what you should do… use your many resources to help the wonderful people and places you claim to love so much.

“Stevie, I love you, but Native Hawaiians are pleading with people who are not Native Hawaiians to stop going there and celebrating the holidays,” someone else commented.

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Maui wildfire

At the time of this writing, the death toll from the Maui wildfires is 96, but officials have warned that number is likely to rise.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green (D) said, “There will be more deaths.” “The fire was so severe that what we found is the saddest you can imagine… It is difficult to identify anyone. But they are able to determine whether a person is destroyed or not.”

Green further stated that he had made two trips to Lahaina and had “nothing to see but complete destruction.”

“The buildings are almost non-existent. It was so hot that even the metal warped, so you can’t believe what the building was like,” he lamented. “But that’s what you’re seeing, and obviously there would be no survivors in the survival zone. They either got away and ran that night and now as soon as we’ve set up some temporary cell capacity, people are calling each other. So the number of missing people increased from 2,000 to 1,300.

“Look, our hearts will be broken, probably beyond repair, if it means many more people will die. None of us think so, but we are prepared for many sad stories.” “Probably until they run out, they will get 10 to 20 people a day. And it will probably take ten days. It’s really impossible to guess.”

While we love the Knicks as much as anyone else, maybe he should have thought twice before posting this. Please join us in praying for the people of Hawaii as they deal with these wildfires!

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