Gateway Pundit previously reported Governor Ron DeSantis has publicly announced that President Joe Biden legitimately secured his 81 million votes in the 2020 election and Donald Trump lost.

In a press call with New England media on Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis declined to comment on the specifics of the fraud indictment in Georgia. Instead, he took the opportunity to discuss his views on crime and law enforcement, as well as his vision for the country’s future if elected president.

Below is the transcript:

So, I didn’t get a chance to read it all. But I will tell you, Atlanta has a huge crime problem right now. And there has been an approach to crime that has been less than harsh. I think there are some criminals who have been let off, who should not have been let off.

And so they’re now committing an inordinate amount of resources to trying to turn this contest into the 2020 election into RICO legislation, which was really designed to be able to go after organized crime, essentially Not even after political activity. And so, I think this is an example of the criminalization of politics.

I don’t think this is something that is good for the country. But I think a lot of Republican voters are looking at some of the things that have happened, whether it’s the Department of Justice, whether it’s some of the things that have happened at the local level, and I think the question is, right? is, ‘What are we going to do about it?’

And I’ve said it already, as president, we’re going to end the weaponization of federal agencies like the DOJ and the FBI. We will have a new director. We will have new leadership at the DOJ. We are going to make sure that there is only one standard of justice in this country. Now, in terms of some of these local DAs: In Florida, we’ve actually suspended two — one in Tampa and one in Orlando — for failure to perform their duties and responsibilities over the past year.

And as President, we will turn against some of these local prosecutors if they are not following the law or if they are abdicating their duty to enforce the law equally. So I think that — I don’t know how it’s going to impact anything politically. For me, ultimately, it’s about ‘let’s get this country going in a good direction.’ We need to trust our justice system again, but before we can get there, we need major, major accountability.

Twitter user Johnny Maga wrote, “DeSantis on Fulton County DA indicting Trump: – No mention of Trump’s name – Says he didn’t read indictment – Talks about himself, not the person at the moment, wonder Shouldn’t have happened that Chris Christie got ahead of him in New Hampshire.

In another video, DeSantis criticized Trump for attacking Governor Chris Sununu.

“I disagree with Donald Trump’s attacks on Governor Chris Sununu. I believe New Hampshire is the best governed state in New England. I think Chris has done a great job there and you can see that by the fact that people run to New Hampshire, like people run to Florida, whether it’s to avoid crime, to avoid high taxes, You name it…”, he said.

“As Republicans, we should support Republican governors — whether it’s Kim Reynolds in Iowa or Chris Sununu in New Hampshire — when they can get elected with big wins and then do well.”

Based on recent poll results, Trump currently has a 41% advantage against DeSantis. DeSantis achieved a third-place ranking, close behind Chris Christie.

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