Important information for investigation Muskegon Michigan Voter Fraud in 2020 being done Illegally withheld from public review, An investigation into systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election in Muskegon requires scrutinizing 8,000-12,000 potentially-fraudulent voter applications submitted by the Biden campaign-funded GBI Strategies in October 2020, but those files have been withheld from public review on this argument withheld that they are part of it. An ‘ongoing investigation’ by law enforcement.

this device for FOIA avoidance is well known at the state and federal levelBut here its use is unique to deny access to public records by deleting them and not including duplicates.

According to far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, these are definitely false and fraudulent voter applications They have never been added to the voter list, But nobody can know for sure because the files themselves, in violation of state law, has been sealed and has been ‘under investigation’ for three years by Nessel’s office and the FBI for a criminal case without prosecution. There is no way to know if a bogus application was not approved or was resubmitted later in 2020 in a less suspicious way to commit voter fraud.

Muskegon clerk Ann Meesh caught the fraud as Rs 8,000-10,0000 was withdrawn by a single person in a day.

And if these total 8,000-14,000 voter applications were indeed bogus, why have no one been prosecuted in the three years since then?

for reference, Muskegon Michigan has a population of 38,220, and the population of voting age is approximately 29,697. According to the Michigan Qualified Voter File, also known as the “QVF”, of the approximately 28,172 people registered to vote in the 2020 election, 15,435 voted, of which 9,378 were absent.

So when a group is paid $11 million by a presidential campaign to do ‘voter registration’ and submit enough fake voter applications to effectively inflate voter rolls in a jurisdiction by 50% in one day, What a hoax to refer to it apparently. for an investigation – but not actually making any arrests or indictments within three years.

All of this is relevant now because far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel 8 of 16 Trump 2020 voters charged with felonies each Because, she says, she signed a certification of her status as an elector and attempted to create an ‘alternative list’ of electors. knowing that there were no valid ongoing voter fraud claims and no voter fraud investigation running in the state.

Yet claims of voter fraud were ongoing, particularly in Muskegon, and there has been an ongoing voter fraud investigation for the past three years – which no one knew about except Dana Nessel, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer!

Muskegon Police Report on GBI Tactics Not only does this confirm Dana Nessel’s falsehood, but it also shows a fatal flaw in their legal harassment of Trump electors: there were major irregularities in the 2020 election, widespread eyewitness accounts of voter fraud, and ongoing law enforcement of voter fraud. All involved in the investigation were kept from public view by judges who dismissed challenges without hearing any evidence, a media that clung to the false profile of the ‘safest choice’, and unscrupulous law enforcement officials like Dana Nessel .

Muskegon voter fraud probe reveals Trump voters had no guilty mind or guilty intention When an attempt is being made to prepare an alternate list of electors in 2020.

Nessel, on the other hand, was threatening to prosecute journalists who dared to report on voter fraud. First 2020 election,

The cover-up of this Muskegon voter fraud scandal continues in 2020.

Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meesh

Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meesh spoke to The Gateway Pundit and said she no longer has possession or control of a copy of any voter registration application or materials.

“I’m not allowed to talk,” Meesh told Gateway Pundit in the hallway of the Muskegon City offices. “I’ve given all the files to law enforcement and I don’t really have access to any of them.” Meesh clarified that even the envelopes and return labels for the false ballots sent in the mail were taken from him, and are out of his control since 2020.

Muskegon Clerk Ann Meesh continued: “I can’t talk. I have been instructed not to talk about Because it is a continuous investigation. This is not just being handled by the Muskegon Police Department, it is being handled by a ‘higher’ law enforcement agency.

Meesh did not verbally say who the higher officer was, but when asked if it was the Muskegon police, he replied “higher.” When asked if it was the Michigan State Police, he deflected. And when he was asked if it was the FBI, he gestured to make it clear who it was. other outlets passed already reported That the matter has been referred to the FBI.

Cpt. Tim Bahorski of the Muskegon Police Department

Then we went some distance to the Muskegon police and asked Captain Tim Bahorsky Who was the ‘higher law enforcement agency’ involved that was obstructing the investigation and sealing all evidence from public view, and they didn’t hesitate to clarify that it was the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Bahorsky told Gateway Pundit: “Good luck trying to get anything out of them, they won’t even talk to us or give us any updates on the matter. I ask for updates and they don’t give anything.

Cpt. Bahorsky said he also could not comment on details of the ongoing investigation. Yet Muskegon police confirmed the accuracy of the reporting on The Gateway Pundit.

Cpt. Bahorsky said that when the first email arrived with the original reporting, he asked within the department because the original story seemed outrageous, but the detectives who worked with him and on the case said it was accurate.

“I came into the office a few days ago and this is being emailed to the department, and I thought what is going on here? I knew about the investigation, but automatic weapons? thousands of ballots? oppressive? And my detectives working the case at the time confirmed that it was all true,” said Cpt. Bahorski.

Another source in the Muskegon Police Department confirmed this to The Gateway Pundit. our reporting was accurateDespite the fake stories published by leftist media bogus fact-checking organizationAnd in fact thousands of bogus applications were received.

The police sent detailed questions to the clerk Mish, the clerk sent questions to the police, and finally the police sent us City Attorney John Schrier who did not respond.

This obstruction of voter fraud investigations has been ongoing and common since Election Day 2020.

TGP reported exclusively in November 2020 that corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr was hiring an Obama-era prosecutor notorious for political harassment. as Robert Haberle, lead prosecutor for voter fraud claims, not surprising, The fix always existed.

corrupt fbi 2020 election fraud was never investigated, Instead, they protect deep state criminality. FBI has been Hunter Biden got caught lying about laptop, Harassing Trump Supporters, Raiding Trump for Documents He Had the Right to Do, Protecting Hillary Clinton Even Though She Illegally Evaded the FOIA, Creating a FISA Warrant, Frequently lying to congress, Harassing parents at school board meetings, Deceived the American People for Years With an Obviously Fake Steele Dossier, destroying evidence to falsely imprison conservatives, Ignoring Voter Intimidation and Suppressionamong many other crimes.

It seems unlikely that after three years of engaging with the corrupt FBI there will ever be a serious official investigation into this matter.

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