“Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner is currently battling a bitter divorce battle with his ex Christine Baumgartner, whom he was married to from 2004 until they filed for divorce in May. Now, their divorce battle has escalated into a massive one, as Costner is accusing Baumgartner and his legal team of “the worst kind of sportsmanship.”

Costner accuses Baumgartner

Court documents received people magazine Show Costner, 68, has asked a judge to force Baumgartner, 49, to categorically answer several questions she was asked about the prenuptial agreement they signed before marrying her. Costner’s lawyers claim that Baumgartner has been evading these questions, including whether he understood the document before signing it.

Baumgartner received a payment of $1.5 million under the terms of the prenuptial agreement, but risked forfeiture of it by challenging the validity of the document.

Costner’s attorney argued, “Four months into this case and three months away from the start of the trial over the PMA’s legality, Christine refused to state all of her arguments regarding the PMA’s legality.” “The objections raised by him in an attempt not to disclose his arguments are frivolous. She says she doesn’t understand words like ‘understood’ or ‘conversation’, so she can’t respond to this search.’

The counsel further added, “She states that she does not know what is meant by common legal phrases such as ‘influential’ and ‘supersedes’, therefore she cannot respond to this finding.” “She refuses to acknowledge (or even denies) that the specific factual representations she and her attorney made in the PMA are accurate, for example, that she understood the PMA, that it was explained to her and she accepted that she understood the meaning and legal effect of the PMA.”

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‘Worst sportsmanship’

In a separate court letter filed the same day, Costner’s attorneys accused Baumgartner and his attorneys of “the worst kind of sportsmanship”.

Costner’s attorney wrote, “‘Got it’ is not a technical or arcane term.” “It is not a ground for objection that a request is vague, unless it is so vague that the responding party cannot in good faith give an intelligible answer.”

Costner has also said that Baumgartner will have to pay $14,000 in legal fees that he earned trying to answer these questions.

His lawyer argued, “The search is not a game of chicken.” “Kevin should never have been required to spend the money to file the motion.”

Costner’s legal team also accused Baumgartner of using obstructionist tactics during the divorce proceedings.

“The bifurcated trial is scheduled to begin on November 27,” he said. “So the cut-off for discovery is October 27. unreasonably interfered with Kevin’s right to conduct searches relevant to the validity and to prepare in a timely manner for that trial.” prejudice.”

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Costner and Baumgartner’s Divorce – The End of ‘Yellowstone’

Costner and Baumgartner are parents to three teenage children: sons Cayden, 16, and Hayes, 14, and daughter Grace, 13.

It was Baumgartner who filed for divorce on May 1, with April 11 as the date for the former couple’s separation. Costner responded through his representative, who issued a statement saying that “circumstances beyond his control” resulted in the divorce. A source close to Costner said the divorce was “nothing like [Costner] Willed or sought, and if he can change the situation, he will.

Days after Baumgartner filed for divorce on May 1, daily Mail The end of “Yellowstone” was reported to have been announced by Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios, who also revealed that a sequel series starring Matthew McConaughey would replace it.

“‘Yellowstone’ has been the cornerstone on which we launched a whole string of global hits – from ‘1883’ to ‘Tulsa King,’ and I’m confident our sequel will be another big hit, thanks to Taylor’s brilliant creative mind.” thanks sheridan [the show’s creator] and our incredible cast who make these shows come to life,” said McCarthy.

This is obviously a very messy situation for everyone involved. For the sake of Costner and Baumgartner’s three children, we can only hope that they’ll be able to settle this divorce battle amicably sooner rather than later.

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