As Donald Trump tries to avoid going to jail, President Joe Biden is reacting strongly to the victims of the Maui wildfires.

Speaking in Wisconsin, President Biden said:

I quickly approved the governor’s request for a major disaster declaration. Which is a fancy way of saying you’ll find whatever you want. And it will help those who are most in need, who have lost loved ones, who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, who have been damaged and destroyed. And think about it. All the land they have to plow, they can’t do it now because they don’t know how many dead bodies are there. They don’t know what’s left. Imagine a mother or father wondering where your child is. Imagine being a husband or wife, a mother, a father. This is a really difficult thing. About 500 federal personnel have been deployed to Maui to help communities and survivors get back on their feet. FEMA, search and rescue crews are examining the ashes in that five mile area that you saw on television that burned. It is painstaking work. it takes time. It is anxiety-inducing. Most of the debris cannot be removed until this work is done.

My wife Jill and I are going to fly to Hawaii as soon as possible. I am talking to the governor about this. I don’t want to come in between. I have been to many disaster affected areas. But I want to go and make sure they get everything they need. I want to make sure that we don’t disrupt the ongoing recovery efforts. FEMA Administrator Criswell, who I think is the best administrator ever, was on the field this weekend. I just talked to him. She is back in America. I have instructed him to expedite the process to help survivors register to receive federal assistance without delay. To date, FEMA has approved 50,000 meals, 76,000 liters of water, 500 beds, 10,000 blankets as well as other shelter supplies for survivors displaced from their homes. FEMA has also authorized a one-time payment of $700 per family to displaced people to help them do urgent things like care for the drugs and prescriptions they desperately need. We are working with the state to ensure that survivors who have lost their homes have a place to call home while we rebuild. We are also sending federal personnel to the state to help the brave firefighters and first responders, many of whom have lost their homes, their property, while risking their lives to save others.

video clip of president Biden,

There is a very clear choice for the American people in 2024. Do they want a president who focuses on work and is there for them when disaster strikes, or do they want a president who spends his time in Georgia on trial and trying to stay out of jail? voters have already seen where they fit TrumpAnd it’s dead last.

Republicans are trying to make an issue of Biden not having gone to Maui yet, but the President responded to their criticisms etc. Biden is helping, not hindering, emergency efforts.

Biden and Trump are living in two different worlds. Joe Biden is doing his job as President, while Trump is trying to stay out of The Joint.

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