Later this month, Charlotte Pride will honor those who have made a positive impact on the LGBT community with a special event and awards. One of these awards, the Harvey Milk Award, went to Chad Severance-Turner, at least temporarily For his work in advancing the LGBT movement in the Carolinas.

Although the program commends Mr. Severance-Turner for his dedication to the LGBT community, it neglects to mention that he is a registered sex offender. It appears that what was once universally warned against as one of the worst possible crimes is now merely a blip in anyone’s life – provided they are affiliated with the LGBT movement.

Upon easy searches by reporters, Mr Severance-Turner’s profile has been removed from the website’s list of respected people. However, no comment has been issued by the event on this matter.

that’s DEI for you

Charlotte Pride announced that Chad Severance-Turner will receive the 2023 Harvey Milk Award for his work advancing LGBT initiatives.

Group Said Mr Severance-Turner’s:

“With over seventeen years of progressive experience in various industries, he is a highly accomplished leader in the field of Human Resources…”

Mr. Severance-Turner serves as the President and CEO of the Carolinas LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Earlier this year he was appointed by the mayor to serve on the Charlotte Business Advisory Committee.

‘Charlotte Pride’ further added that Mr Severance-Turner’s career has been:

“…driven by a deep commitment to promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).”

chad is also a registered sex offender, Twenty-three years ago, Mr. Severance-Turner was convicted of sexually abusing a minorof which he was sentenced to ten years in prison – note that he only served two years.

In 1998, Chad was accused of sexual assault by three different minor boys. At the time, he served as music director for the New Harvest Church of God in South Carolina.

At the time, the boys, aged 14 and 15, claimed that Mr Severance-Turner fondled their genitals. But hey, that commitment to DEI is impressive; Who cares about some minor sexual indiscretions with minors.

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They knew; they didn’t care

Finding information on registered sex offenders is not that difficult. When my husband and I were first looking for a home to buy, we Googled every neighborhood with registered sex offenders that might be in the area.

Anyone with a smartphone and a basic knowledge of information searching should be able to easily obtain basic data on sex offenders. In fact, almost every job I’ve applied for has required me to certify my criminal background or lack thereof.

I also had to accept that any potential employer I applied to would run a criminal background check on me to make sure I wasn’t some untrustworthy person like, let’s see… a sex offender. So don’t preach that maybe ‘Charlotte Pride’ was unaware of Chad’s propensity with young boys.

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In 2016, Chad’s past came to a boil when he supported an initiative in North Carolina to allow transgender men to use women’s bathrooms. NC leaders consider the alliance right Said those days:

“No convicted sex offender should be leading a campaign to allow men to be in women’s bathrooms and showers. It’s just common sense.”

Unfortunately, what was once common sense is now considered dangerous.

It is not their fault; It’s your fault

Values ​​matter, and we all used to have the same values, even if our political preferences differ. A liberal and a conservative of any age, community, or socioeconomic background in America can disagree on how to balance the budget or how to position itself around the world.

Yet we all agreed that child sexual abuse is wrong. but not anymore; Now, it is seen as a mere affliction which makes it Criminal victim.

Leftists have also given it the name of under-attracted person or young attracted person. Don’t take my word for it; Take Alyn Walker, former professor at Old Dominion University, now professor at Johns Hopkins University, who Explained,

“We have a tendency to want to classify people with these attractions as evil or morally corrupt. But when we’re talking about non-abusive MAPs (Minority Attracted Persons), these are people who have an attraction they didn’t ask for.

This logic is not only flawed, but also dangerous.

Unless you ask ‘Charlotte Pride’, this makes you prestigious as a “leader” and an “advocate”.

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common sense

If you have served a sentence for most offences, you should be allowed to rejoin society and try to rebuild your life. That’s the purpose of punishment – the idea is that you now owe society a debt, and jail time is the price of that debt. But when it is over, the loan is considered repaid. At least in theory.

But actions have consequences, and rebuilding is and must be challenging.

But Mr. Severance-Turner did not meet the time; He has served one-fifth of his sentence for one crime and I believe he should be sentenced to life imprisonment. It’s not even an issue of LGBT rights or advocacy.

I would be equally disgusted if a convicted sex offender received any other honor from any other organization, regardless of its political or cultural aspects. Leftists love to portray parents, conservatives, and pundits who oppose ostensibly dire initiatives as evil and dangerous.

Initiatives like:

  • normalizing pedophilia
  • It is mandatory to confirm the gender preferences of the minor
  • allowing biological males into women’s space and sports
  • Depriving parents of decisions regarding their children’s education and health

We are not insecure people who think that what our children are taught and told is our business. We are not insecure people who believe that men should go to men’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Anyone who thinks any of the above is normal needs to take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves how far they are willing to let their progressivism go. Or maybe they should keep on pushing the limits of decency in the name of awards.

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