The death toll due to the Maui wildfire disaster has now reached 96. So far only 3% of fire area searches have been done with dead dogs. More than 1,000 people are missing.

At this point, it is already Hawaii’s worst natural disaster. and the deadliest wildfire since 1918.

But if you thought President Biden would have a lot to say about it, you’d be wrong.

Biden could hardly be bothered after having a small picnic on the beach. Reporters wanted to ask the president about the rising death rate in Maui, to which he replied, “No. No comment.”

He then shook hands and gave a big smile before getting into the vehicle.

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Biden doesn’t have much to say about Maui death toll

To be fair, President Biden may have been more inclined to speak about the disaster if reporters had said ‘Kiev’ instead of Maui. Then, he may think that Maui is In Ukraine. Difficult to say

During a bike ride earlier in the day, Biden gave a similarly stoic response when asked about the tragedy and whether he planned to travel to the island to survey the damage. But at least he used double the words in his answer.

“We’re looking into it,” he said, pedaling his bicycle.

This is where true leadership lies.

If a Republican president were to respond with ‘no comment’ there would be panels upon panels discussing how American leadership is in decline, how its heart is a frozen wasteland, and how matters But there would have been reports discussing 24/7.

But alas, the criticism came mostly from conservative commentators.

Former Fox News contributor Monica Crowley wrote that “Biden does not give [a f***] Regarding the victims of Maui,” in a Twitter/X social media post.

“Hundreds of Dollars to Ukraine and Biden Can’t Even Give a Comment to Maui,” wrote Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics.

British journalist Piers Morgan described the president’s comments as “outrageous” and “appalling”.

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kind president

Although the reaction was fierce, little of it came from older media outlets or journalists, who seemed pleased to have been told by the President to effectively ‘p*** off’.

If he had the slightest interest in doing his job, reporters could ask President Biden to bring back his “no comment” “empathy” and “compassion” for the families of those killed in the Maui wildfires. How does that match up with his vows? white House.

But then this is the same media that can’t take the time to point out that, like in Maui, Biden has taken a vacation following the deaths of Americans during his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan and the toxic train crash in East Palestine, Ohio.

By the way, he has not even gone there to assess the damage. He may still be ‘looking’ at a possible trip.

Meanwhile Vice President Kamala Harris insisted she and Biden were “very concerned about what is happening in Hawaii.”

Harris was so concerned that she spent her weekend raising funds for $10,000/ticket. In Martha’s Vineyard.

President Biden last week requested an aid package of nearly $40 billion that also includes $24 billion for Ukraine and $12 billion to replenish federal disaster funds not specifically related to Maui.

Maui burned and got “no comment”, while Ukraine got $24 billion in taxpayer money.

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