AfD candidate Andreas Zarka was badly beaten on Saturday night

Andreas Zarka, who is running for the Bavarian state parliament for the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AFD) party, was brutally attacked over the weekend after Antifa doxed a list of AFD politicians’ addresses. Instead of arresting the criminals, the police also spread the “kill list”.

Andreas Zarka, a 35-year-old city council member in the southern German city of Augsburg, was attacked and brutally beaten by a mob of migrants on his way home from a barbecue on Saturday evening, they said. Deutschlandcourier, A man came up to them and extended his hand and said, “Hey, aren’t you Andreas Zarka from the poster?” When he responded, another man from the crowd hit him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

On the ground, the crowd kicked and beat him, calling him a “f***ing Nazi”.

Short-sighted Zarka lost his glasses, his ankle was broken and his face was badly damaged. Zarka has a 5-year-old daughter and a six-month-old son. State elections will be held in Bavaria on 8 October. AfD is tied with the Greens in 2ndRa Keep it at 14%.

Left-wing accounts and journalists spread hate and fake news, claiming Zarka had been injured in a drunken bar brawl. It was a lie, a complete “disinformation”.

In the neighboring state of Hesse, where voting is also on October 8, Antifa Frankfurt released photographs and addresses of all AfD candidates, including their license plate numbers and hobbies, similar to a murder dossier. Left-wing radicals urged “militant action” to “make their lives hell”. Local law enforcement and state police shared Antifa links, putting politicians’ lives in even greater danger.

Celebrating 75 years of the German constitution on Thursday, socialist President Frank-Walter Steinmeier used the intimidation platform to incite against the AfD in the name of “democracy”, sparking further antifa violence.

Government funded NGOs like HateAid conspire with PubWeb journalists like ARD George Restley To incite hatred against the AfD, claiming to defend “democracy” and the “rule of law”, in complete violation of neutrality rules for journalists and publicly funded bodies. Interior Secretary Nancy Feser, whose job it would be to enforce the law, wrote an article “Antifa” magazine 2021 and posed for photos with antifa fanatics. Feser’s ministry funds hate groups in conjunction with Green pro-groomer “Family Minister” Lisa Paus.

Despite annual funding of €200 million, threats of violence, and professional and personal destruction, the AfD is currently the most popular party in Germany with 23%, due to the abject failure of mainstream parties to “protect democracy” in Germany. Single party and far-left agenda. Hatred and violence are expected to increase further as the party gains support.

Left-wing politicians such as Steinmeier, socialist Saskia Esken and secret police chief Thomas Haldenwang demanded a ban on the most populist party in Germany in the name of “protecting democracy”.

Despite Saturday’s attack, more and more Muslims and foreigners are now flocking to support the AfD because of its nonsense left-wing agenda including transgenderism, male-hating and climate hysteria. A Muslim man in Berlin’s expatriate district of Neukölln recently told an interviewer (in German), “A lot of my best friends are voting for the AfD.”

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