Last week, we reported On viral sensation Oliver Anthony, who has become wildly popular among conservatives with his blue-collar anthem “Rich Men North of Virginia.” Now, things have gotten even better for Anthony, as country music star John Rich is promoting her online.

john rich promotes new song

“The greatest singing man in the world, Oliver Anthony, opens his show with not just any song, but Psalm 37,” Rich wrote on social media. “This passage details the destruction of the wicked and God’s protection for the righteous.”

He continued, “Pray for this man to retain his fame and the independent position he has been given.”

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anthony goes viral

This happened after Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond” went viral, which has been described as a “bone-chilling” country song about the working class. Fox News,

Anthony sings, “I’m selling my soul, working all day, overtime, not getting paid, so I can sit here, and waste my life away.” “Drive back home and take my troubles away. For people like me, for people like you, it is a great shame what the world got into. I wish I could wake up right now and this wasn’t true, but it is…”

“There are rich people north of Richmond, god knows they all want complete control,” he adds. “Want to know what you think, want to know what you do, and they don’t think you know, but I know you know. Because your dollar isn’t bad, and has unlimited taxes, call the rich people north of Richmond.

Social media users have made it clear that they cannot get enough of the song.

One user commented, “I’m a 39 year old Iraqi veterinarian and construction worker struggling like a dog to take care of two kids and run a farm when I’m not working 11 hour days.” “It hit so hard today I had to stop and tear apart my old Peterbilt. Preach brother.

Another said, “I haven’t heard such a seemingly bone-chilling original song in decades.” “You speak for millions of us. I’ve been waiting for you, Oliver.”

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Anthony ‘in a state of shock’

whiskey river It was reported that Anthony lives off the grid on a 90-acre plot of land in Farmville, Virginia, with his three dogs. He’s always enjoyed writing songs in his spare time, but he has so much talent that he could definitely make a full-time career out of it.

However, even Anthony is surprised by the success of “Rich Men North of Richmond”.

He recently said, “‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ has been uploaded to all major streaming platforms and will be out there in a few days.” “I am still in a state of shock from the outpouring of love I have seen in the comments, messages and emails. I am working to respond to everyone as soon as possible.

John Rich is one of the few openly conservative singers out there, so it’s no surprise that this song resonated with him. Let us all heed his call to pray for Anthony, because he is a voice we need now more than ever!

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