While Ukrainians are optimistic about the future, the majority are deeply distrustful of the NATO military alliance and the motivations of the European Union.

This is confirmed by a special Ukrainian opinion poll, shared exclusively european orthodoxHighlights Ukrainian sentiments regarding the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The survey, conducted via telephone interviews between July 25-27, covered areas of Ukraine that are not currently under Russian occupation. Of respondents aged 18 and over, a remarkable 84% expressed positivity and hope for the future of their country.

However, with regard to NATO and the European Union, a remarkable 71% of participants believe that these entities prioritize their own interests and use Ukraine as an instrument for their strategic objectives.

More than 20,000 protesters against the war in Ukraine on Munich’s Königsplatz

Impressively, 61% agree with the view that support by NATO and the EU is motivated by self-interest, and are suspicious of secret talks with Russia. Only 29% of those surveyed expect Ukraine to join NATO within the coming year.

Although nearly half of respondents expect the conflict with Russia to end by 2024, most remain uncertain about its outcome. 56% fear that Ukraine may be indebted to Western countries because of the provision of weapons and aid during the war.

In terms of bilateral relations, Ukrainians have a positive regard for neighboring Poland, a steadfast ally throughout the conflict. However, this cordial spirit has recently experienced tension due to a dispute over grain exports. Marcin Przydacz, head of Polish President Andrzej Duda’s international policy office, sparked controversy with comments stating Ukraine needed to accept Poland’s supporting role. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmihal criticized Poland’s continuing grain embargo and accused Russia of obstructing agricultural initiatives.

Ukrainians’ views on the United Kingdom and the United States are particularly favorable, with 81% expressing trust in both countries as allies.

The major concern among Ukrainians regarding the Russian invasion is the possibility of forced relocation to the Russian periphery such as Siberia. A majority (57%) believe that a war between Ukraine and Russia was inevitable, although those in the eastern regions are comparatively more optimistic about its prevention.

While Ukraine’s trust in NATO and the European Union appears to be limited, a recent CNN poll by SSRS indicates that a majority of Americans are now opposed to providing further aid to Ukraine. The poll showed that 56% of Americans oppose increased aid to Ukraine’s war effort, with 51% feeling that their country has already contributed substantially to Ukraine’s fight against Russian forces.

Signs of war weariness also emerge, as a scandal involving bribery within the recruiting offices emerges. Yevgen Borisov, a man at the center of the controversy, was arrested for allegedly accepting significant sums of money in exchange for men deemed unfit for military service. Authorities became suspicious when Borisov’s mother amassed wealth worth hundreds of millions of euros, prompting a wide-ranging investigation into recruiting office practices.

The case appears to be one of several, as the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported an ongoing investigation into 106 recruitment offices that resulted in the arrest of employees involved in bribery.

Earlier, another poll, conducted during the period from July 25 to 27, 2023 among the population of Ukraine aged 18 and older, showed that 29% of respondents believe that the EU and NATO The countries of the U.S. are indebted to the Ukrainians for their protection against Russia. , However, 56% of those surveyed believe that Ukrainians will be indebted to the West for the financial aid provided and weapons supplied after the war.

Also the sociological group “Writing” released the results of a poll where Ukrainians shared their concerns about the war. Many of them are afraid of the transition to long military actions (39%). These concerns are especially widespread among residents of the western regions and Kiev. The poll showed that 38% of Ukrainians believe that the election will not bring any changes in Ukraine, while 9% believe that the election will improve the situation. Another 17% are unsure about how the elections will affect the situation.

Also, the survey showed that 88% of citizens highly rate their level of trust in this country. The United Kingdom and the United States came second and third with 81% results. 70% of respondents see the Czech Republic as a reliable ally.

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