This new revelation certainly won’t make America believe that the real cause behind the Maui fires will ever be known. Instead, we can count on a possible cover-up.

As previously done by Christina Laila informed ofNearly 100 people have died in devastating wildfires in Maui 1,000 People are still unaccounted for.

people were reportedly jumping into the sea and the historic Lahaniya town was The destroyed,

However, the news gets worse. Reports suggest that the current Maui Police Chief John Pelletier Was the incident commander during the Las Vegas Massacre in 2017, the worst mass shooting in US history. There is an incident commander Top The decision maker during a major event. Their job is to delegate tasks and listen to input from subject matter experts to ultimately lead the incident to resolution.

Calisto is correct. Here is an excerpt from November 2021 Article In Honolulu Civil Beat by Blaise Lowell regarding Peletier’s arrival in Maui.

He has seen his share of violence, according to Las Vegas media reports, he fired at three suspects and killed one of them. In 2017, Pelletier was the incident commander of a mass shooting at a country music festival that killed 58 people.

Gateway Pundits as Readers KnowStephen Paddock murdered 60 people from his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. but the local officials And the FBI has never publicly answered why it shot these innocent people, raising questions about a cover-up.

local officials as well fail crime scene Investigation. officials too Changed timeline several times.

even the fbi decided For pushing a BS theory earlier this year that Paddock was upset about how casinos treated him, almost no one bought it.

This troubling revelation about Pelletier is certainly worrying conservatives, who question whether this is a coincidence.

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