On Saturday, Hillary Clinton strongly backed a book that sought to paint her as the victim of years of right-wing attacks and then shut the door on anyone offering a different version of events. An attempt was made.

After posting her message about “The Hunting of Hillary: The Forty-Year Campaign to Destroy Hillary Clinton”, she limited comments on her posts to only people she “follows or mentions”. ,” According to. Post,

“I’m biased! But I think Michael D’Antonio’s book, which catalogs decades of right-wing misogyny and myth-making, is an amazing one,” she posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. Was.

However he denied the ability to post his comments on his account Twitterwere commentators barely stopped In what he posted.

uninhibited trolling was reminiscent of a 2022 trolling When Hillary Clinton asked for movie suggestions while she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were in quarantine after testing positive for COVID.

the book mentioned in it Previous Post It was published in 2020.

Critic Joe Klein wrote, “D’Antonio’s assessment is chaste, though he allows that she is angry.” Washington Post When the book arrived

The review lists each attack as saying Hillary Clinton Over the years, D’Antonio believes she has “achieved mythical status, and not in a good way”. He compares her to ancient ‘ghosts, vampires and devils’ who are ‘subliminal projections of their creators’ insecurities’ ‘ He is filled with our sins and shortcomings so that ‘ we ‘ may feel pure.’

The review also noted that: “Clinton was also guilty of the more subtle failings of his (my) generation, a sense of isolationist idealism and entitlement; The belief that they can make huge profits – fly free on private jets, give speeches for fabulous sums, engage in insider stock trading.

The review cited a quote by former Democratic Arkansas governor and senator Dale Bumpers that was used in the book.

“Clinton should be most grateful… but he never is. You can never do enough for him and Hillary. … They are the craziest people I have ever seen in my life, and probably the most insensitive to everyone’s feelings. Everything is centered around him and his ambitions. that’s exactly why bill lost [for governor of Arkansas] In 1980. People felt, and rightly so, that they were being manipulated,” Bumpers is quoted as saying in the book.

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