Moody’s Analytics is reporting that under Bidennomics the average American household is paying more than $700 more per month this year than two years ago — for the exact same goods and services.

Figures from the economic research firm show that the effect staggering inflation Americans have been affected under the current administration, even though the rate has slowed slightly in recent months.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, reported the news in a Twitter/X social media post.

“The high inflation of the past 2+ years has caused a lot of economic damage,” Zandi said. “Due to higher inflation, the typical household spent $202 more in July than a year earlier to buy the same goods and services. And they spent $709 more than they did 2 years ago.”

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Bidemonics Is Getting You Paid More – A LOT

Zando says “the trend lines look good” after the July CPI report which in his view was solid, but the massive increase in the cost of the household budget for the one-month time frame is notable.

We’re not sure what $700/month would mean to you, but we can think of a few things. That’s two car payments. And in Biden’s economy, it takes about two tanks of gas for those cars. Or maybe an entire trip to the grocery store.

Anyhow, it’s quite a bit.

Democratic strategist James Carville recently indicated that the Bidnomics approach is actually pretty cool. It’s just that the American people are not that smart don’t realize it yet,

Carville was asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if the economy is now really a significant factor in presidential elections.

“I’m starting to doubt myself a little bit, because this economy is so good. Maybe it will work,” he said. “And sometimes it takes a while for people to realize it.”

some time. Two years ago, in July 2021, inflation had increased to 5.4%. The year before, in Donald Trump’s last year as president, it was 1.0%. Last July, it stood at 3.2%, slightly higher than in June.

Two years, up to $700. Have you ever noticed how fast gas prices go up, but how long it takes to go back down? How long do you think it will take to recover such a huge monthly amount?

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Does anyone remember the 16-cent Biden who saved us?

Notably, the July CPI report that Zandi calls “great” is still higher than it has been in any other month – year over year. the entire trump presidency,

To call 3.2% CPI great is the very definition of pushing the goalpost.

$700/month sounds pretty significant when you consider that this is the same White House that claimed a savings of 16 cents for the Independence Day cookout two years ago.

So how does the massive increase in costs under Bideonomics affect you on an everyday level?

  • Yours morning coffee 30% more expensive than when Biden took office.
  • On your way to work, you fill up your vehicle with gas, which adds to the cost $1.40 more per gallon Ever since Biden took office.
  • You’re Expecting a Pay-Check Today, But It’s about 3% less In a real sense, when Biden took office.
  • When you return from work and settle bills, you notice your rent is up 15.9% and your electricity bills 24.6% more expensive under Biden.
  • You’ll try to relax and have a nice dinner out with the family, but it’ll cost you to go out to eat That’s an increase of 19.3% under Biden.
  • Instead, you head to the grocery store, but even there you don’t get much relief. Under Biden, grocery prices are also up 19.3%.

Bidenomics is not about making things better for the average American. Who can survive the rise in prices of everyday items more easily – the rich or the middle class or low income families?

Bidenomics is all about multiplying your daily, weekly, and monthly misery, then telling you everything is wonderful.

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