Comedian Marlon Wayans is speaking out against cancel culture after he received backlash for a joke he made referencing country music star Jason Aldean’s anti-vocals anthem “Try That in a Small Town.”

Vance References ‘Try It in a Small Town’

Fox News It was reported that it all started when Wayans recently joked on Instagram Alabama Riverboat Controversy Which quickly went viral.

“How about ‘let’s try it in a small town’ no…” Vance wrote. “Sh- Stupid brother… let’s all just make love, not war.”

Wayans immediately faced backlash from left-wing social media users who thought he was endorsing the song’s anti-awakening message. The comedian strongly denied this, describing Aldean’s song as “divisive” and claiming that it “promotes the kind of mindset that promotes racism, bigotry and some violence.”

“Let’s stop making stupid songs that promote negativity towards black people,” he said. “It’s not good.”

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Wayne Rips Cancel Culture

Wayne defends sports analyst Jalen Rose’s statement “Renaissance Man” PodcastWhere he also criticized the cancel culture.

“I think social media has ruined the harmony and we need to laugh again and find reasons to laugh and stop being so sensitive,” Vance said. “All we are doing is filling our airwaves, our children with fear and hate – there is no laughter and no love. The only thing that will bring us together is humor.”

“Most people on social media are with him [negative] Opinions aren’t even real people, they’re bots from other countries,” he added later. “They’re trying to take away from us what makes our country special: freedom of expression.”

“We are so foolish that we let this happen. Sooner or later, they’ll take away the First Amendment. We all have to think alike,” Vance concluded. “People are going to cancel. ‘You can’t think like that.’ What kind of society do we live in?”

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Backlash against ‘Try It in a Small Town’

Liberals have defiantly claimed that “Try That in a Small Town” is a “pro-lynching” song, and have objected to the fact that its music video portrays the violence and chaos of the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots. dares to do. ,

Earlier this month the backlash became so overwhelming that Country Music Television (CMT) removed the “Try That in a Small Town” music video from its rotation.

Aldean immediately defended his song, saying that it was not racist at all.

“In the past 24 hours I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that is out in May) and it was a matter of comparison that I was not very happy with (direct quote) nationwide BLM protests,” He said. “These references are not only redundant, but also dangerous.”

“There is not a single lyric in the song that references or alludes to caste – and there is not a single video clip that is not actual news footage – and while I try and respect others’ own interpretations Can sing along to the music—it goes a long way, Aldean continued. “‘Try That in a Small Town’, for me, refers to the community spirit I grew up in, where we We cared for our neighbors regardless of differences of background or faith. Because they were our neighbors, and that was above any differences.”

Aldean has long been targeted by the left because he is one of the few openly conservative figures who publicly supported Donald Trump in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

Although we agree with Waynes subverting cancel culture, it is unfortunate that he felt the need to distance himself from “Try That in a Small Town” by closing the song. Lastly, he’ll probably want to listen to “Try That in a Small Town” one more time, because the anti-awakening anthem’s lyrics aren’t really “divisive” at all!

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